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Insert and Crop Images in Google Yearbook

Google Yearbook is a Google Innovator project where students are the designers of their memory books. Why pay an expensive yearbook company when students have free apps like Google Slides?

To learn more about Google Yearbook, please visit In this blog, I will explain how to insert and crop images.

This yearbook project has two options for sharing images. I like to use a shared folder in Google Drive. The other option is to use Google Photos.

With a shared folder in My Drive I have more security and privacy options. Student privacy is very important to me. I can prevent editors changing access permissions and adding new people.

With Google Photos, I have the opportunity to edit the photo. I can use color filters, basic settings, and crop. Students can take pictures with their phone, upload them to Google Photos and share them with few problems. What I do not like about Google Photo is the lack of security and privacy. My hope is that this project makes Google Photo …

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