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SlidesYearbook Moonshot

One aspect of the prestigious Google Innovator status is to create a moonshot project. This is not as easy as it may seem. What change will the project create? If it only affects a small portion of society, then the change is not a moonshot.

I first applied to the Google Innovator Program last August for the #TOR16 Cohort. My project, the Techy Two by Ten, was not accepted. Why? Because the project only affected a small group of people - me and teachers like me. It did not change education. I was sent back to the drawing board.
Moonshots are not created nor achieved in isolation. Fortunately, Michelle Armstrong helped me see that what my students had already completed was the beginning of a moonshot. The Compton JHS Yearbook class had created a 100 page full-color yearbook in Google Slides for only $8.16. What we had created was remarkable, but our work was not done. And, even though I was not the yearbook elective teacher this year, I could share this Innovator Project with the world…

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